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Our Dream Destination Wedding Cities

We have been very fortunate in our years in business to have traveled and planned weddings in some of the world’s most beautiful places. Being able to create these one-of-a-kind experiences for our clients and their guests brings us so much joy. We often get asked what are favorite or dream destination wedding locations would be. And while there are so many, we’re sharing our top seven with you today and telling you why they’d be perfect for your big day.

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Three Things Guests Love About Destination Weddings

You love the idea of having a destination wedding. The thought of jetting off somewhere special, bringing along your closest friends and family and enjoying the best vacation ever is a dream. However, you’ve probably heard that some people have mixed feelings on destination weddings. In case you’re on the fence about whether or not you’re guests would be up for the adventure, here are three things every guest loves about destination weddings.


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Are You a Beach or City Couple?

When you start planning your destination wedding, the first question that probably comes up for you is, “do we pick a relaxing beachside locale or jet off to the big city?” For some couples the answer is easy. For others, both options sound intriguing. If you’re on the fence about which way to go, here’s how you can figure out if you’re a beach couple or a city couple.

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Should You Have a Destination Wedding?

In the last couple of years, destination weddings have gained popularity. They’re an amazing opportunity to have the best time of your life celebrating your marriage with your closest friends and family. Since you’re in a different environment, they’re often free of the many distractions that keep us from focusing on the moment.

However, a destination wedding is not the right choice for every couple. Here are seven ways to know if you should have a destination wedding.

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Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner

Thinking about tackling your big day all on your own? 

Throughout my career in weddings & events I've heard people {potential clients or a member of the potential client's "planning party"} say: I just don't think it's worth it to spend money on a planner.

To which I have a list of reasons why that person is just plain wrong... {keep reading}.

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Rachell de Luna
Honeymoon Planning Series #3 – Narrowing Your Decision Down

What I run into a lot when helping honeymooners (or anniversary or just general vacation planners) is that once we’ve discussed budget, destination, and it’s time to pick the hotel(s), touring, transportation arrangements, etc suddenly it’s like we’re back at square one. OVERWHELMED.


So how do we avoid that and narrow down the list to and get your on your way to the countdown?

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Heather Christopher

On to step number two!  Narrowing down the destination!

Some couples instantly know where they want to honeymoon …perfect, skip this!

Others know something more general like “We prefer a relaxing beach vacation!” or “We really wanna explore Italy!” oorrr “We must snorkel the Great Barrier Reef!”, you get the idea. It’s okay if you do or do not.

My goal for this part of the series is to describe ideal time of year for destinations throughout the world. Along with some highlights in those areas – I’ll use “keywords” that may be things you’ve been thinking for your honeymoon.

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Heather Christopher
Honeymoon Planning Series – #1 Budget

Congratulations on your engagement!

So I know you’ve been bombarded with 100 wedding check-lists and I’m adding to those but for the really fun part…your honeymoon! When I surveyed my Facebook friends about what felt like the hardest part about planning a honeymoon the general consensus seems to be that no where on the world wide web is there a list of islands + average budget + amenities + best season to be found! Another frustration seemed to be finding the right fit. Fit encompasses budget, lifestyle, atmosphere, activities, destination, room type, all inclusive or not.

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Heather Christopher