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Are You a Beach or City Couple?

When you start planning your destination wedding, the first question that probably comes up for you is, “do we pick a relaxing beachside locale or jet off to the big city?” For some couples the answer is easy. For others, both options sound intriguing. If you’re on the fence about which way to go, here’s how you can figure out if you’re a beach couple or a city couple.

You’re a beach couple if….

  • No shoes, no shirt, no problem is your life motto

  • The catch of the day and rum cocktails sounds like the perfect reception

  • Relaxing and spending time with your guests is your top priority

  • Your idea of a good time is basking in the sun with a good book until happy hour

  • You live on island time

Beachside destinations tend to be more relaxed and encourage quality time with friends and family. There is plenty of activity, like snorkeling, boating and island hopping, for those that prefer to keep moving and ample opportunity to lay on a beach for those that prefer a slower vacation. If you love the sun beating on your skin, sand between your toes, wind blown hair and taking each day as it comes, then a beach destination is the right choice for you.

You’re a city couple if….

  • You like exploring new cultures

  • A great weekend is spent going to brunch, taking in the new exhibit at the museum and trying the newest restaurant in town

  • Vacations are meant for exploring and learning about new places

  • A private room at the best restaurant in town is your ideal reception location

  • A day doing nothing sounds like a bad idea

Hosting your destination wedding in the city gives you and your guests the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a new culture from the food to the language to the way of life. You can arrange group activities like city tours, trips to museums and take in the local sights together or allow everyone to explore on their own before meeting for happy hour. City-based destination weddings are full of activity and provide less down time. If you love the idea of exploring all day and getting dressed up for dinner and drinks, a city wedding is a good choice for you.

Are you a city couple or a beach couple and why? We’d love to hear what drew you to your destination!

Photo by Lissa Ryan Photography

Photo by Lissa Ryan Photography