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Destination Wedding Travel Tips for Couples

You’ve spent months planning your destination wedding. Every vendor is booked, you’ve double and triple checked every detail and you’re ready to celebrate with friends and family. But, you and your most essential items have to get there first.

Traveling for your destination wedding requires you bring a little more with you than on your standard trip. While packing you have to think through keeping essential items secure guaranteeing they make it all the way to your final destination with you. Here are our top destination wedding travel tips for couples.

Tip #1 - Wear Your Rings: Whether you wear them on your finger or slip them on a chain around your neck, we always suggest wearing your wedding rings. By doing this, you’ll always know where they are and won’t accidentally leave them at home or lose them in luggage.

Tip #2 - Carry On Your Wedding Dress: Place it in a garment bag and nicely ask the flight attendant when you board if they can hang it in the front closet. While there is no guarantee, most are willing to accomodate. It also helps if you bring a small thank you such as bag of candy and hand it to the flight attendants as you board. If you know the style plane you’re flying on, it’s also a good idea to call your airline ahead of time and verify your plane has a front closet as not all do. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to consider priority boarding so you can claim coveted overhead bin space.

Tip #3 - Keep Important Paperwork in Your Carry-On: This would include your itineraries, copies of your passports and any other legal documents you must bring with you in order to get married at your destination. You will also want to upload copies to your phone as a backup in case the originals get lost and they need to be printed.

Tip #4 - Pack Your Suit: Suits can be easily packed in your checked baggage and folded in a way to minimize wrinkling. Call ahead to your hotel and arrange for dry cleaning to pick it up from you upon arrival though. They can give it a quick steam so it looks perfect on the big day. If you’re worried about lost luggage, you can always carry your suit on the plane as well.

Which element of your destination wedding are you most worried about traveling with? Comment below and we can provide guidance.

Photo by Kir2Ben

Photo by Kir2Ben