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Three Destination Wedding Myths

You’re planning the ultimate vacation -  a week away with your closest friends and family, exciting excursions and time to enjoy a little R&R before the big day. Sounds like a total dream right? You could trade in the endless hours spent making decisions about table placement, cake flavors, linen colors and timelines for fun in the sun and daily happy hours.


While a destination wedding is worth every effort, it’s not always the escape from planning that some make it out to be. There are always going to be unknowns with planning a wedding in a foreign location, which is why it’s important to do your research (and hire a planner!). But, before you think you’ve learned all you can learn about destination weddings, here are the three most common myths often shared.

  1. They’re less expensive. This isn’t always the case. While you’ll experience some cost savings due to less people being invited, there are a number of factors that influence your overall cost. Should you choose to go with an all inclusive resort, they will provide certain items like your cake, bouquet, and officiant for no charge. However, these complimentary additions are based upon your guest count. The overall cost of a destination wedding could equal that of a local wedding depending on destination, guest count, included excursions, design details and other items.

  2. They’re less stressful. You would think planning one big vacation for you and your closest friends and family would be fun. However, regardless of the destination, we’re not sure the phrases wedding planning and stress free will ever appear in the same sentence. If you’re the type of person that likes to be hands on in the planning process, a destination wedding will probably mean increased stress for you.

  3. The legalities are hard to deal with. Many destinations make it the process of legally marrying within the country fairly simple. However, we always encourage our couples to get legally married at their local courthouse first so the marriage is legal in the U.S. immediately.

What is something you thought to be true about destination weddings before planning?

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