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Three Things Guests Love About Destination Weddings

You love the idea of having a destination wedding. The thought of jetting off somewhere special, bringing along your closest friends and family and enjoying the best vacation ever is a dream. However, you’ve probably heard that some people have mixed feelings on destination weddings.

We could never understand why someone wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to attend (or plan!) a destination wedding. But, in case you’re on the fence about whether or not you’re guests would be up for the adventure, here are three things every guest loves about destination weddings.

#1 - It justifies a vacation. Who doesn’t love vacation?! Your friends that are always looking for a reason to travel and even the ones that can never seem to justify the time off work, love destination weddings because it gives them  just the excuse their looking for to jet off on their next adventure.

#2 - It give them an opportunity to explore someplace new. Often times we use our vacations to go back to our favorite destinations. We love these places so much and can’t imagine spending time anywhere else. But, when attending a destination wedding, you’re guests have the opportunity to fall in love with a new place they may not have ever thought to visit.

#3 - Solo guests will always have someone to hang with. Over the course of your destination wedding, guests have an opportunity to spend lots of time getting to know each other and even making new friends. Solo guests don’t have to feel weird dining or exploring along because all your guests will feel like family by the end.

What is your favorite part about a destination wedding? Is it the guaranteed vacation, new cultures or something else?

Photo by Kir2Ben

Photo by Kir2Ben