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Three Things to Consider When Planning Your Destination Wedding

You’ve sat down with your fiancé(e) and decided that a destination wedding is the way to go for the two of you. Your friends and family are excited to travel with you and love the idea of a destination wedding as much as you do. But, now it’s time to decide on the actual destination.

You could host your destination wedding anywhere in the world. However, choosing your destination isn’t as simple as pointing to a city on a map. Here are the three things you need to consider when choosing your location and planning your destination wedding.

#1 - How easy is it for guests to get there? A simple travel plan is essential to ensuring most of your guests will be able to attend and not have to overspend on travel expenses. You’ll want to consider if major airlines fly to the area and what additional transportation guests will need once they arrive in the country. For example, if you’re planning an island wedding and guests have to fly in on a small regional plane, take a taxi to water taxi that will take them to the island where they have to take a golf cart to the hotel, it may not be feasible for some guests.

#2 - Local marriage laws. It’s always important to check the local marriage laws before choosing a destination. Depending on the location you choose, local marriage laws may have some requirements that don’t fit with your schedule or the wedding you want. This may mean that you would have to get married in your hometown courthouse before leaving for your destination. You’ll want to be you’re comfortable with either option before making plans.

#3 - Time of year. The time of year is the number one influence on your destination wedding. It influences every aspect from ease of travel to overall cost to weather to availability. There are pros and cons to getting married in the peak season or off season of every destination. You can read a post Heather published on Heather Christopher Travel or talk to your destination planner for more details on your chosen destination and time of year.

Where are you hosting your destination wedding? What things did you consider before choosing that spot?

Photo by 1001 Angels Photography

Photo by 1001 Angels Photography