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Wedding Welcome Bag Must Haves

Crafting a memorable destination wedding weekend is all in the details. From designing your invitations to sending your guests off in style with a post wedding brunch, focusing on the moments that matter will create a big impact. While your guest’s experience begins long before wedding weekend arrives, their first impression of your wedding when they arrive in country is the welcome bag.

We always work with our couples to design a welcome bag that is representative of not only who they are but the destination they’ve chosen. While the contents of each welcome bag will vary by wedding, these are the key items that every great bag should include.

Emergency Medical Kits: You never know when you’re going to need a Band-Aid to cover a blister or an Advil to cure a headache. An emergency medical kit is the one item most guests forget to pack and the one they’re most excited to find in the bag.

Bottled Water: If your destination wedding is taking place in another country, you can’t always guarantee the quality of the tap water. Providing your guests with bottled water is not only practical but a welcome sight after a long night celebrating.

Snacks: In between excursions, your guests may choose to relax in their rooms. Including some of your favorite snacks and local food items will give them something to nosh on until the next meal.

Powdered Gatorade: Just like the water, powdered Gatorade is a welcome sight after a long night of celebrating. The electrolytes are also great for helping guests hydrate after extensive travel.

Emergency Contact Sheet: The last thing you need is guests calling you with questions. Provide them with a list of names and numbers of people they can call in case of emergencies or if they have questions about the wedding.

Weekend Itinerary: Let guests know what you have planned for the weekend including excursions, welcome cocktails, group dining experiences and the wedding itself. Also be sure to list if it’s optional so guests know when they have the option to explore on their own.

What items are you always excited to see in a welcome bag?

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