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What Does a Destination Wedding Weekend Look Like?

We’re frequently asked what a destination wedding weekend looks like. Just like local weddings, every destination wedding is different with each couple personalizing outings and gatherings to match their personalities.  However, every wedding weekend will generally follow a similar format for events. Here’s how we like to curate our destination wedding weekends…


Arrival Day: The average destination wedding takes place over an extended weekend with most guests arriving the Thursday prior to the big day. Since everyone’s arrival time will vary, there are no formal plans set for this day other than welcome cocktails after everyone has checked in and received their welcome bag and weekend itinerary.

Free Day: The second day is a free day and potentially an arrival day for those who couldn’t get here earlier. While most couples arrange outings on behalf of their guests for this day, these outings are generally optional giving guests an opportunity to explore on their own if they wish. Dinner is typically done individually with suggestions provided by the couple.

Wedding Day: Unless they’re in the wedding party, the day of the wedding is left for guests to enjoy the area as they please until the ceremony begins. The evening, of course, will be spent celebrating the happy couple!

Recovery/Travel Day: The day after the wedding is very relaxed. While some guests will have to travel home, others will choose to stay a few extra days. Traditionally there are no group activities planned for this day unless you choose to host a farewell brunch.

What types of activities are you planning for your guests during your wedding weekend? Comment below and let us know.

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