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Why You Shouldn't Choose an All Inclusive for Your Destination Wedding

Just like with any wedding, there are endless decisions you will have to make between now and your destination wedding. What will the centerpieces look like? What will our main entree be? Should we choose raspberry or mango filling for the cake? The biggest decision you will have to make though is whether you will host your destination wedding at an all inclusive resort or not?

After planning countless destination weddings, we’ve found there are five main reasons you shouldn’t choose an all inclusive resort and here’s why.

More Creativity. When you are confined by the limitations of what the all inclusive resort offers and their onsite vendors that you are required to use, there are more chances for your planner to get creative and plan a wedding that is truly representative of you and the local culture.  

A Personalized Experience. Part of the allure of attending a destination wedding is getting to experience the location you’re visiting. By not having your wedding at an all inclusive, you’re able to plane a personalized experience for your guests with special excursions, meals and outings.

Support the Community. All inclusive resorts often have vendors such as florists, photographers and caterers on site that you are required to utilize for your wedding. The resort also receives the majority of the money, paying each on site vendor a small hourly rate. When you hire vetted local vendors, not only are they being paid what they’re worth but you’re also investing in the local community.  

Save Money. Many couples opt for an all inclusive resort thinking that it will be more cost effective. However, when you are securing each vendor individually, you are able to save money on things like food and decor because you have more options and creativity.

Cultural Immersion. All inclusive resorts often Americanize their amenities and experiences in order to make guests feel more comfortable. Selecting local hotels, restaurants, excursions and vendors allows you and your guests to have an authentic one of a kind cultural experience.

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