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        Mobile Phone Chip-off Data Recovery and Forensics

        Support all kinds of mobile phone’s data and deleted data comprehensive analysis.

        Storage Memory Chip Data Recovery

        Support U disk, EMMC chip, NAND flash chip, SD/CF/XD/camera cards, USB flash/memory stick/voice recorder.

        Hard Disk Data Recovery

        The fastest and leading technology hard disk copy equipment in industry, with features of light, high integration, stable, and scalability.

        Data Analysis

        Professional R&D team, closely following development trend and demand of forensics technology, to provide industry-leading independent R&D products.

        Website & Sever Frensic

        Support remote fixation for website and server.

        Lab Construction

        Device fixation, pre-inspection, device inspection, monitor video, data inspection, data gathering, evidence storage, inspect process area.

        Our Services

        Provide service for Public Security, Supervision Committee, National Security, Court, etc. We have branches in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Xinjiang, and provide products and services for many internationally renowned professional forensics companies and national evidence centers.


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