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        Rui-Hai cloud eagle system is a website inspection and crawling system based on Windows platform for website remote evidence forensics,focus on target website page crawling,fix,save documents,hash value calculation and other functions,to ensure the integrity of the page and documents,so as to facilitate the field of forensic science digital evidence inspection.

        Rui-Hai cloud eagle system is convenient and efficient to  crawl all website content to local hard disk,and offline browsing the content.The system can realize screen shot, record screen video and generate report,can also compressing screen shot picture and the hash value calculating in order to ensure the integrity of the file,support manual set a number of parameters, showing varity of data statistics,offers a variety of appearance style switch.

        Dalian Rui-Hai Cloud Earle System Core Functions

        Website running status is fixed, support most website web background data fixed extraction.


        Can automatically match templates, provide a variety of site template selection.


        Can automatically match templates, provide a variety of site template selection.


        Historical task management. Can view options for historical tasks and task reports. Can apply the option Settings of a historical task to reset.


        By manually defining the structured data in the page, the page data is quickly extracted to generate structured CSV text, which is convenient for subsequent processing through Excel and other tools.


        Support obtain data from Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,TikTok, Google+,Sina weibo,JD order,Alipay bill,Netease email,Baidu post bar,Baidu cloud disk,Discuz and PHPwind based BBS page.


        Time proofread with standard time sources such as national time center, in order to record accurate start time and end time.


        The integrity check value of the file is automatically generated, and the hash value of each file is calculated in real time during the download process.


        A variety of page storage, you can use a variety of ways to store obtained page, such as website image file, page snapshot, etc.


        The inspection report is automatically generated, and the task inspection report is automatically generated according to the downloaded statistics and page information.