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We decided to have a medium size destination wedding and had no idea that there were so many things to think about: where would everyone stay? should we have favors? how do we make this unique? what types of events do we need to host to make the trip worth everyone's time?

Sarah and her team helped us through every step. Not only did she help coordinate every detail of the wedding day, she also coordinated a rehearsal event complete with bonfire and beach chairs as well as a day after party with beach blankets, favors, swimming, wood burning pizza etc. She thought of all of the small things that were the key to making it all come together.

Sarah has an amazing ability to smile and keep everyone calm when the going gets tough. It rained our on wedding day and Sarah created a back up plan and looked at me and simply said - "It [the venue] looks beautiful - you are going to love it." And it really did. She created a plan B that ended up being our dream wedding. Now that I am few days away from our wedding I look back and think to myself - "I am so glad it rained..."

I would recommend Sarah and her team without hesitation - I can assure you that you AND your family will enjoy a flawless event.

- Nancy Segreti Davidson

Rachell de Luna